Which is the size of elegance?

So much power in such a simple object! Our research into the latest trends shows that the choice of tablecloth has a huge influence on the people sitting at the table.
Appearance, materials and textures are can make every location unique, adding colour not only to the spaces but to the mood of the diners too.
Feeling at ease with the tablecloth’s shape, colour and pattern is extremely important to create pleasant memories.
We have developed a unique product to support the creativity of the people who decorate the table: a tablecloth in a roll with a width of 140 cm, to allow for plenty of elegant drape, capable of dressing even the most fashionable designer tables in the best possible way.
Our 140 cm tablecloths in a roll are available in various colours and prints. 
They are made with the latest technologies, ensuring excellent quality
in terms of both design and production. Lastly, it is possible to create an elegant, refined table setting with a great variety of colours and lots of drape, even on wide tables.
Which is the size of elegance?
According to Papermon, 140 centimetres: no more, no less. The perfect size to please even the most demanding guests.

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Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring
- Carmel Snow