Assorted boxes with paper tablecloth rolls: lots of colours in a space-saving solution

Our display boxes with different coloured tablecloths for the retail channel


What's the best way to display coloured paper tablecloths in a store when display space is limited? The answer is our assorted boxes for displaying coloured tablecloth rolls. The service meets the need to offer a range of colours in reduced spaces, so is ideal for the retail sector. The advantage of the assorted carton is also that of managing an individual product while giving a wide choice of classic and trendy colours.

We provide this service for roll paper tablecloths packed in the classic havana or white cardboard with a pre-cut: simply remove the top and the box is ready to be displayed (photo). This ideal solution for quickly displaying different coloured tablecloths takes up little floor space. The diverse boxes can contain up to five colours from the twenty-five in the range, with the possibility to change the assortment depending on the season.

The supply of assorted cartons with rolls paper tablecloths is also available in ready-to-sell, easy-opening boxes that have carry handles and a window through which the contents inside can be viewed. Plus, the boxes can be customised according customer specifications.

We manage this type of service efficiently and can produce large quantities of assorted cartons with our high-tech manufacturing system. Naturally, the cardboard we use is fully recycled and recyclable, as is the paper in our tablecloths, in keeping with our commitment to the environment.

As a company specialised in producing private-label disposable tablecloths, we invest a lot in finding solutions that best meet our customers' needs. The supply of assorted boxes with roll paper tablecloths is a service that caters to the needs of the retail sector that has rewarded our customers with excellent results.

So simplify your work and increase your sales, with our assorted boxes, designed to display different colour paper tablecloths quickly and easily while optimising sales space. For information and quotes, contact us today!