Disposable brown paper tablecloths: the ‘green’ look for modern dining

Our new brown paper tablecloths, suitable for contact with all foods, for retailers, and the hospitality and catering industries.


Our brown paper disposable tablecloths are ‘green’ in both appearance and substance with their natural, environment-friendly look. They are made of paper suitable for contact with all foods and are recyclable. The colour choice of this new product immediately makes one perceive the attention to the values of environmental sustainability that are now at the basis of company and consumer choices worldwide. A brown paper tablecloth expresses all of this without the need for many words. It is a banner of the eco-friendly world.

Produced with the customer's or distributor's branding, or that of a large-scale retail trader, these brown paper tablecloths come in all formats requested by retailers, and the catering and hospitality sectors. Brown paper tablecloths can be FSC-certified® (FSC-C139999), are customisable and are in addition to the 25 colours in the range. They can be damasked to give more shine, or embossed to make them more refined and pleasant to the touch thanks to the relief pattern.

The 30 x 40 cm placemats in brown paper are ideal for restaurants, bars, public eating/drinking establishments, canteens and catering facilities. They are made of embossed paper and packaged in practical cardboard boxes or trays. The roll tablecloths in damask or embossed brown paper are available in different formats for the small- and large-scale retail trade, and the canteen and catering sectors. They are made in different widths up to the 140-cm-wide format, perfect to elegantly cover and adorn all kinds of table.

The decision to introduce brown paper tablecloths meets the need to express both the green choices of companies, and current trends in style as the more natural and rustic appearance of paper is immediately perceived as a strong signal of an environmentally-conscious product. The brown paper tablecloths are also a design choice for decorating tables, whether for everyday or special occasions, in a modern and alternative way, from an ecochic party with friends to an elegant Christmas lunch or dinner with the family.

Express your 'green' soul with brown paper tablecloths. Contact us for more information.