Airlaid folded tablecloths: at home just like the restaurant

Elegant and strong, airlaid table linen is widely used in the catering industry, but it is also ideal for home use


Greatly appreciated in the restaurant and catering industry, airlaid folded tablecloths are also ideal for home use, and not only to embellish the table for the most important events, but also to turn every gathering into a special occasion. Airlaid is a material made of cellulose pulp in combination with bonding fibres and is suitable for contact with food. It looks like fabric, has excellent absorbency and is soft to the touch. Elegant, plastic-free and now also compostable, it is the ideal solution for those who prefer the ease-of-use and hygiene of a disposable tablecloth without sacrificing beauty and environmental sustainability.

Papermon produces airlaid table linen in different colours or printed with patterns suitable for every occasion, customisable upon request. White and coloured tablecloths are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, as are the patterned tablecloths produced with compostable inks. Standard formats come in the conventional sizes 120x180 cm or 120x240 cm. Other formats are available on request, including tablecloths with a width of 140 cm, which offer a longer drop. The tablecloths are folded and packed individually for greater practicality and distributed in euro-slot bags ideal for hanging in stores or in handy display boxes.

Papermon has long-standing experience in the production of disposable private label table linen made of different materials for distributors, retailers, major supermarkets, hospitality and catering. Widely used in the restaurant and catering industry, practical and elegant airlaid disposable tablecloths are ideal for the home to make any occasion special, thanks to the wide choice of colours, patterns and formats suitable for tables of any shape and size.

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