Disposable tablecloths and sustainability: a choice for our health and the environment

Papermon meets the growing demand for sustainability by providing disposable tablecloths with a low environmental impact


Always mindful of environmental issues, we have welcomed the growing demand for more sustainable products over recent years. In 2019 an International Trade Centre survey commissioned by the European Commission showed that retailers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain were encountering a growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced products. According to the survey, many of them work in partnership with their suppliers to introduce environmental and social standards. We are among them and have responded to the demands of distributors and the retail channel by using more sustainable materials and production processes to produce our disposable table linen.

According to research commissioned by the CarbonTrust, for 74% of the large companies interviewed sustainability is expected to increase in importance as a result of the crisis triggered by Covid-19. Already in March 2020 the World Economic Forum claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to stop exceeding the planet’s limits, and that deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change will make pandemics more likely. In view of these trends, at Papermon we are also increasingly investing in the direction of sustainability, with disposable tablecloths made of compostable airlaid and biodegradable paper.

Our disposable table linen, which includes tablecloths, both in rolls and folded, placemats and runners, respects the environment and can be FSC® certified (FSC-C139999). FSC® is an independent international organisation that ensures that the certified product comes from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain. We have adopted other sustainability measures, such as the production of disposable tablecloths using paper obtained from recycled raw material from controlled sources, without the addition of plastic, so that the finished product is recyclable. Moreover, our disposable table linen can be produced with OK Compost Industrial (EN 13432) certified material. This certification is issued by TŰV Austria, which by granting the right to use the OK Compost Industrial & Seedling logos, recognised throughout the European market, guarantee that the products can be recycled in an industrial composting facility. Our paper and airlaid table linen produced with OK Compost Industrial certified raw materials can be disposed of in the household organic waste collection.