Traceability: guarantee of quality for our customers

Our traceability system, certified by the standard ISO 9001:2015, makes it possible to trace the path of raw materials at any stage of production


Traceability is the system that allows registration of the information that marks each step taken by a raw material or a production batch in its journey through the various processing operations in the production chain. For Papermon, which specialises in private label disposable table linen, in addition to being obligatory, traceability is an instrument of competitiveness for systematising production processes and guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products.

Traceability begins with the raw materials, semi-finished goods and resources, continues through the production process and ends with the finished product, while backward traceability follows a reverse path, allowing a finished product to be traced back to the raw material. A sort of reverse engineering. In order to achieve efficient traceability and backward traceability processes, we decided it was necessary to acquire as much information as possible upstream and for this reason control and coding systems on incoming raw materials have been implemented and the following have been analysed and defined:

  • product characteristics
  • raw material characteristics
  • human resources involved
  • tools and equipment involved
  • processes of the production cycle

One of our strengths lies in management of all data collected during the production process, to ensure easy retrieval and analysis at all times, with the aim of guaranteeing the reverse path and in this way identifying all the nodal points of the traceability system. Through definition and rationalisation of the production processes and the use of a unique alphanumerical code, traceability thus becomes an essential tool to be able to extend the results of the controls carried out on samples to the production batches.

Our traceability system is incorporated in the company’s Quality Management System certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 which defines the minimum requirements that our company must meet to ensure product and service standards. Therefore, it provides a guarantee of quality and safety for products with the distributor’s brand, which represent important elements of differentiation and competitiveness for all our customers in the hospitality, retail and large scale distribution sectors.