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Our proposals of disposable airlaid tablecloths size 120x120 cm for the hospitality sector, also in the Christmas version.


Used above all in the catering sector, disposable tablecloths size 120x120 cm are becoming increasingly popular. Although the more conventional 100x100 cm format of disposable tablecloths is still widely used, those measuring 120x120 cm are more suitable for tables of different sizes and provide a more modern and sophisticated look. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for them.

We produce white, coloured or printed disposable airlaid tablecloths size 120x120 cm. Airlaid is a soft, nonwoven fabric that is pleasing to the touch, strong and elegant, perfect for the tables of bars, restaurants and catering establishments. Our disposable tablecloths size 120x120 cm are available in numerous colour variants, from the more classic to more modern shades, both in solid colours and printed with stylish graphic designs. The high quality of the print allows us to obtain elegant fabric effect prints or original patterns developed by our designers.

Disposable tablecloths size 120x120 cm are now also available in the Christmas version, with a range of motifs and patterns in different colours that will give the restaurant a unique atmosphere. Thanks to our range of colours and decorations, if placed over a textile tablecloth the two tablecloths can be easily coordinated to offer a strong visual impact.

The disposable tablecloths size 120x120 cm for the hospitality sector are folded and packaged in handy multipacks.


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Our traceability system, certified by the standard ISO 9001:2015, makes it possible to trace the path of raw materials at any stage of production


Traceability is the system that allows registration of the information that marks each step taken by a raw material or a production batch in its journey through the various processing operations in the production chain. For Papermon, which specialises in private label disposable table linen, in addition to being obligatory, traceability is an instrument of competitiveness for systematising production processes and guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products.

Traceability begins with the raw materials, semi-finished goods and resources, continues through the production process and ends with the finished product, while backward traceability follows a reverse path, allowing a finished product to be traced back to the raw material. A sort of reverse engineering. In order to achieve efficient traceability and backward traceability processes, we decided it was necessary to acquire as much information as possible upstream and for this reason control and coding systems on incoming raw materials have been implemented and the following have been analysed and defined:

  • product characteristics
  • raw material characteristics
  • human resources involved
  • tools and equipment involved
  • processes of the production cycle

One of our strengths lies in management of all data collected during the production process, to ensure easy retrieval and analysis at all times, with the aim of guaranteeing the reverse path and in this way identifying all the nodal points of the traceability system. Through definition and rationalisation of the production processes and the use of a unique alphanumerical code, traceability thus becomes an essential tool to be able to extend the results of the controls carried out on samples to the production batches.

Our traceability system is incorporated in the company’s Quality Management System certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 which defines the minimum requirements that our company must meet to ensure product and service standards. Therefore, it provides a guarantee of quality and safety for products with the distributor’s brand, which represent important elements of differentiation and competitiveness for all our customers in the hospitality, retail and large scale distribution sectors.


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Disposable paper placemats are the most practical and hygienic choice for canteens and restaurants, but also for a colourful and fun table at home


Paper placemats are widely used in the hospitality industry, as they offer the most practical and hygienic solution for laying the table in bars, restaurants, canteens and cafeterias. However, they are also becoming increasingly popular for daily use at home, as a versatile, functional and economical choice. They are convenient and quick to use and add a touch of colour to our everyday table.

We produce disposable paper placemats with the distributor’s or customer’s brand, in the classic 30x40 cm format available in a range of 25 colours, as well as in brown paper. The placemats are embossed and have an elegant pattern that is pleasing to the touch. The variety of the range of colours, unique for this article, makes it an ideal product for the retail channel.

For us respect for the environment is of the utmost importance and consequently we use sustainable materials and processes for our products. The placemats are biodegradable and can be FSC® certified (FSC-C139999). They are packed in practical cardboard boxes or trays suitable for the hospitality industry and we also offer various solutions to suit the retail channel.

As we have been specialising in the production of private label disposable table linen for the retail channel and the catering and hospitality industry for over twenty years, we are able to offer solutions and advice on various aspects of the product, from colour assortment and combination to the production of packs suitable for any sales channel.


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The choice of the colours of disposable table linen is crucial in order to maximise the results of sales to the final customer: it is better to take advice from the experts


Trends, seasons, combinations, emotions and traditions: there are many factors that influence the choice of colours of disposable tablecloths, runners and placemats. The choice of colours and combinations is a crucial factor to obtain good sales results with the final customer. It is better to rely upon specialised manufacturers, who are able to offer advice on the range of colours to display in the store. For over 20 years we have devoted ourselves to the production of disposable table linen, which is sold in numerous European countries. Our high level of product specialisation enables us to offer advice to our customers, to guide them in the choice of the range of colours when defining the assortment.

The consumer is attracted by trendy shades, by original combinations, by shades that reflect the season or in line with local tastes. Different countries, different customs, as the saying goes: each market has different needs, above all when it comes to events and festivities. Our tablecloths are available in a range of 25 shades. Here is a small selection of colours we recommend for the summer: Tiffany green, with cool nuances of turquoise and aquamarine, intense fuchsia, mint green and yellow, dazzling and joyful like the sun. These are colours that transmit energy, optimism and good vibes typical of summer.

Combinations make a great difference to the perception of colours and the feelings they inspire, and so coordinating table linen with other elements of the table setting requires great care. For example, yellow works well with grey if wishing to play with the contrast between the cheerfulness of the former and the solidity of the latter, as suggested by the choice of Pantone colors of the year 2021, or it can be combined with mint green for a very refreshing effect. Tiffany can be combined with dove grey to obtain a result that is elegant, but young and lively. A sophisticated combination is that of mint green, tone on tone with emerald green, for an immersion into nature. Fuchsia is at its best if coordinated with contrasting colours, such as emerald green or violet.

Contact us for information on our advisory service for the choice of colours and their combinations, and the possibility of producing assorted two colour “Combo” boxes.


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Our new proposals for the 2021 Christmas collection of private label disposable table linen are about to arrive.


We are working on the 2021 Christmas collection of private label disposable table linen: here are a few anticipations. Our creative proposals for the Christmas festivities focus on unmistakeable Italian taste, expertly combining metallic shades, like gold and silver, with classic red, blue and green colours. The results are paper or airlaid tablecloths in solid colours or with patterns and textures, in modern or traditional style, which stand out for the quality and elegance of Made in Italy. Our products are environmentally friendly and, on request, can be FSC® (FSC-C139999) and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certified. Prints are produced with water-based inks that have a reduced environmental impact and excellent performance in terms of lustre, even in the metallic colours. To print on certified materials, we use compostable water based inks, which do not compromise the compostability of the final product.

The Christmas collection includes the traditional line of disposable tablecloths, both in rolls and folded, in coloured paper or paper printed with trendy patterns and colours. We also propose tablecloths and runners made of airlaid, a material with a consistency similar to fabric, strong and pleasing to the touch. Airlaid table linen is perfect for special occasions, as it gives the festive table an elegant and sophisticated look. The width of the tablecloths, up to 140 cm, allows an ample and elegant drape on any type of table. Runners are an ideal way of setting a modern and stylish table, as they can be used in different ways. Being pre-cut, they adapt perfectly to any size of table and practical placemats can also be obtained from them.

On request, we also produce disposable table linen in paper and airlaid that complements the retailer’s or distributor’s range of disposable table coordinates for the Christmas table. The result is a set consisting of tablecloth or runner coordinated with a napkin, plate and glass, for a striking table setting. Our production capacity allows us to handle large production volumes and fulfil orders quickly, even during periods of peak demand. The disposable table linen from our Christmas collection can be supplied in handy display boxes, also assorted, to allow optimisation of the retail space.


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Airlaid disposable runners offer a versatile, practical and hygienic solution to dress the table in style, greatly appreciated by the hospitality industry and used increasingly also at home


We are used to seeing disposable runners on the tables of bars and restaurants. Disposable runners made of airlaid, a material similar to fabric, are elegant, strong and pleasing to the touch, while ensuring practicality and hygiene. They can be white, coloured or printed and are easy to match with the other elements of the table. They are widely used in the hospitality industry for all these reasons. Nonetheless, due to the fact that it is handy, versatile and suitable for any style and occasion, the disposable runner is also used with increasing frequency to dress the table at home. It is ideal for an elegant dinner, an informal lunch or a quick meal, besides being simply perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

How do you lay the table with a runner? And how long should a table runner be? There are various ways of positioning it, depending on use and style. It can be used tête à tête or positioned in the centre of the table, as a decorative feature. Our runners vary in length from 4,80 m to 24 m and are produced pre-cut according to the customer’s needs to obtain the right size for any table, whether square or rectangular. Pre-cutting also allows practical placemats to be obtained from the roll of runner. The versatility of the airlaid runner allows the table to be dressed in style and gives a touch of sophistication to any space.

Disposable runners are the ideal solution for those seeking both practicality and eco-sustainability. In fact, our disposable runners can be FSC® (FSC-C139999) and OK Compost Industrial certified. OK Compost Industrial certified runners are biodegradable and compostable and can be disposed of in the organic waste for sustainable waste management.

Airlaid disposable runners for the retail channel are supplied in handy display boxes.


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Papermon meets the growing demand for sustainability by providing disposable tablecloths with a low environmental impact


Always mindful of environmental issues, we have welcomed the growing demand for more sustainable products over recent years. In 2019 an International Trade Centre survey commissioned by the European Commission showed that retailers in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain were encountering a growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced products. According to the survey, many of them work in partnership with their suppliers to introduce environmental and social standards. We are among them and have responded to the demands of distributors and the retail channel by using more sustainable materials and production processes to produce our disposable table linen.

According to research commissioned by the CarbonTrust, for 74% of the large companies interviewed sustainability is expected to increase in importance as a result of the crisis triggered by Covid-19. Already in March 2020 the World Economic Forum claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to stop exceeding the planet’s limits, and that deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change will make pandemics more likely. In view of these trends, at Papermon we are also increasingly investing in the direction of sustainability, with disposable tablecloths made of compostable airlaid and biodegradable paper.

Our disposable table linen, which includes tablecloths, both in rolls and folded, placemats and runners, respects the environment and can be FSC® certified (FSC-C139999). FSC® is an independent international organisation that ensures that the certified product comes from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain. We have adopted other sustainability measures, such as the production of disposable tablecloths using paper obtained from recycled raw material from controlled sources, without the addition of plastic, so that the finished product is recyclable. Moreover, our disposable table linen can be produced with OK Compost Industrial (EN 13432) certified material. This certification is issued by TŰV Austria, which by granting the right to use the OK Compost Industrial & Seedling logos, recognised throughout the European market, guarantee that the products can be recycled in an industrial composting facility. Our paper and airlaid table linen produced with OK Compost Industrial certified raw materials can be disposed of in the household organic waste collection.


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Elegant and strong, airlaid table linen is widely used in the catering industry, but it is also ideal for home use


Greatly appreciated in the restaurant and catering industry, airlaid folded tablecloths are also ideal for home use, and not only to embellish the table for the most important events, but also to turn every gathering into a special occasion. Airlaid is a material made of cellulose pulp in combination with bonding fibres and is suitable for contact with food. It looks like fabric, has excellent absorbency and is soft to the touch. Elegant, plastic-free and now also compostable, it is the ideal solution for those who prefer the ease-of-use and hygiene of a disposable tablecloth without sacrificing beauty and environmental sustainability.

Papermon produces airlaid table linen in different colours or printed with patterns suitable for every occasion, customisable upon request. White and coloured tablecloths are compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, as are the patterned tablecloths produced with compostable inks. Standard formats come in the conventional sizes 120x180 cm or 120x240 cm. Other formats are available on request, including tablecloths with a width of 140 cm, which offer a longer drop. The tablecloths are folded and packed individually for greater practicality and distributed in euro-slot bags ideal for hanging in stores or in handy display boxes.

Papermon has long-standing experience in the production of disposable private label table linen made of different materials for distributors, retailers, major supermarkets, hospitality and catering. Widely used in the restaurant and catering industry, practical and elegant airlaid disposable tablecloths are ideal for the home to make any occasion special, thanks to the wide choice of colours, patterns and formats suitable for tables of any shape and size.

Find out more about our airlaid disposable tablecloths:


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Discover the meaning of the Pantone Color Institute Color of the Year 2021


For twenty years, the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year has been an eagerly awaited event, which influences product development choices and purchases in many sectors, such as design, fashion, home furnishings and graphic design. The Color of the Year 2021 is a combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a light gray and a bright and happy yellow, to show how different elements can come together to support one another. The concrete, dependable and solid elements of the gray are combined with the warm, sunny and optimistic features of the yellow, creating a mix of strength and positivity. Just what we need in these difficult times, in which people are looking for ways to “fortify themselves with energy, clarity and hope to overcome the continuing uncertainty.”

Although we do not always realize this, colours have a very strong impact on our daily emotions. The Pantone Color Institute experts know this and study global colour trends, conduct research in colour psychology and the emotion of colour and offer consultancy services to international companies in relation to colour in product and brand visual identity.

In Papermon we are aware that the colours of tablecloths influence people’s feelings and emotions according to moment in time and occasion. For this reason, when creating decorations, our designers take into consideration the colour trends and the guidelines of experts in the choice and combination of colours. Our disposable table linen is available in a range of 25 different colours, including shades of gray and yellow, available both as base colours and combined in different decorative patterns.

Contact us for further information on our disposable table linen in the Pantone colours of the year 2021.



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The disposable table linen of our Christmas collection is the most practical and trendy choice to set the festive table without giving up Italian style.


The end-of-year festivities are the most eagerly awaited occasion to spend time with the family in the warmth of our home. So it is better to adopt the most practical way of setting the festive table and devote all our time to pampering those we love with countless attentions. The ideal solution for those in search of practicality without giving up style is the disposable table linen in our Christmas collection Made in Italy. Lots of colours and themed decorations to adorn the festive table with disposable tablecloths and runners to match the décor of the home, the dishes or simply the mood!

Our Christmas range of disposable table linen includes tablecloths in rolls and folded tablecloths in paper, made of coloured pulp or printed with Christmas patterns, and in airlaid, a cellulose fibre-based material similar to fabric, which is elegant, durable and pleasantly textured. Runners are also available in airlaid for a modern and fashionable table. The width of the tablecloths, up to 140 cm, allows a classic and elegant drape on any type of table. Our proposals for the end-of-year festivities focus on impressive colour choices, such as gold, silver, red and white, and Christmas decorations, such as textures or patterns, in modern or traditional styles. The creativity of our designers and the quality of the Italian-made production give an original and unmistakable touch to our Christmas collections of disposable tablecloths and runners with a refined Italian style.

The standard Christmas collections with our creative proposals can be ordered for the entire Christmas campaign. With our know-how and the experience of our designers, we are able to create private label table linen to complement the retailer’s or distributor’s range of disposable Christmas table coordinates. The result is a set consisting of a tablecloth or runner coordinated with a napkin, plate and glass, for a table with a certain effect. Our production capacity allows us to support large production volumes and to fulfill orders quickly, even during peak demand.

All the disposable table linen in the Christmas collection can be supplied in handy display cartons, even assorted, which allow a selection of tablecloths and runners with different colours and decorations to be displayed at the point of sale, taking up little space. Our products are environment-friendly, and on request can be FSC® certified (FSC-C139999). On request we produce compostable tablecloths certified OK compost INDUSTRIAL.

Contact us to learn more about our Christmas collections of disposable table linen.