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Let’s find out what Cobb value is and its importance in measuring the quality of disposable paper tablecloths.


Disposable tablecloths offer many advantages both in the catering industry and in the home, which means they sell very well through specialized channels, distributors and the retail sector. Our customers appreciate the colored paper, the range of colors, the design and the quality of our Made in Italy products, with the possibility of choosing from tablecloths in rolls, folded tablecloths and place mats. However, few purchasers know that the quality of paper tablecloths is also measured by their water absorptiveness. To assess this factor, the Cobb test is used. Let’s find out what it is and its value.

The Cobb value provides information on the water absorptiveness of paper and cardboard, meaning the amount of water absorbed through direct contact for a given time, in standardized conditions. This is expressed with the symbol (Cobb) and with the number corresponding to the time in seconds used in the test. Therefore, it represents the mass of water absorbed, expressed in grams per square meter. So, how do we assess the Cobb value when purchasing disposable paper table linen? We should look for products with a low Cobb value, indicating a hydrophobic paper. This means that it is difficult for water to pass through the paper making it more tear resistant when wet.

The Cobb value in paper normally varies from 30 to 35, while the colored paper we use for our private label disposable table linen has a Cobb value of 22. This value certifies the quality of our products in terms of resistance to water, which translates into greater durability and higher performance. In substance, even if tablecloths and place mats get wet during use, as the paper has reduced water absorption capacity they will not easily tear. This is a very important factor, which ensures the quality of the product both for those who use our tablecloths in the hospitality sector and for those in the retail sector who resell them with their own brand.


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The European Directive on circular economy obliges Member States to regulate packaging labelling, but each State has different rules


The European Directive 2018/852 of 30 May 2018 on circular economy establishes that 65% of solid urban waste produced in Europe must be recycled by 2035. The Directive contains challenging objectives for the 28 Member States, to be reached through providing incentives for each recovery operation alternative to landfill disposal. Even more ambitious objectives concern packaging, with an overall recycling target of 70% by 2030 and sub-objectives for each supply chain, such as 85% recycling for paper and cardboard packaging. To this end, environmental labelling has been introduced for packaging, which we, as manufacturers of disposable table linen, have already adopted.

To reach these ambitious objectives, it is important to indicate the nature of the materials used for packaging, in order to facilitate collection, reuse and recovery, including recycling. The aim is of course to minimize the environmental impact of packaging and of the resulting waste. However, the matter is complex, as to date only some European States have transposed the European Directive, and the national laws in force are not based on uniform practices and standards. In Italy, on 1 January 2023 the eco-label became mandatory: the material used and how to dispose of it in the separate waste collection must be indicated on all packaging intended for the consumer. In France, as from 9 March 2023 it will be mandatory to affix the Triman logo on packaging and on some consumer goods.

In practice, each European State has its own rules, and therefore we have prepared to ensure compliance with the regulations in all markets to which we export our disposable table linen. We are able to provide our customers with precise information both through our in-house staff, who have attended special training courses, and with the aid of external consultants specialized in these matters. Consequently, we offer an actual consultancy service on the correct labelling of our products.


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Viva Magenta 18-1750 is the color of the year 2023: an unconventional red that encourages us to experiment with new forms of self-expression, on the Metaverse and with Artificial Intelligence


Just as every year since 2020, the Pantone Color Institute has announced the Pantone Color of the Year 2023. It is Viva Magenta, an elegant and vibrant shade of red, between crimson and carmine. A deep and powerful color, which transmits a new signal of strength and, with its exuberance, celebrates a new joyous and optimistic narrative. Viva Magenta is an unconventional shade that goes beyond the passionate energy of classic red to represent the desire for experimentation and self-expression without restraints. A new color for everyone, according to the Pantone Color Institute, which has already become protagonist of the Metaverse and invites experimentation with Artificial Intelligence, while on social networks the hashtag #magentaverse goes viral. An electrifying and audacious shade, particularly suitable for all those rebellious spirits looking for a new way to express their love of life.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says “In this age of technology, we look to draw inspiration from nature and what is real. PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta descends from the red family, and is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known. Rooted in the primordial, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta reconnects us to original matter. Invoking the forces of nature, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength.”

Created by the Pantone Color Institute with the collaboration of experts from various fields and specializations, the Color of the Year influences the style trends of many sectors, from design to furnishing, from fashion to manufacturing. Our disposable table linen is also available in shades of Viva Magenta, in solid colors or combined with other shades from the Color of the Year 2023 palette.


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Three new machines that improve the efficiency of the boxing and packaging processes of our disposable tablecloths in rolls

The purchase and recent installation in our production plant of three new machines for packaging disposable tablecloths in rolls – two case packers for single color boxes and one machine for packaging assorted boxes – are included in the investments in increasingly advanced machinery which characterize our professional approach. The continuous improvement of production processes brings about significant advantages, enabling us to improve the quality of our disposable table linen and the service we offer our customers. Thanks to Industry 4.0 technology, the new machines allow increase in the automation and control of the boxing and packaging of our tablecloths in rolls. This is how they work and the advantages they bring.

The case packers, placed at the end of two production lines, package the tablecloths in rolls in solid color boxes, automating production of the box, which is formed, filled and closed automatically. The tablecloths travel on the conveyor belt, the rolls are counted by the machine and stacked in layers that are placed in the cardboard box, which once filled and closed is ready to be palletized and shipped. The third machine increases the level of automation in the production of assorted boxes: the operators place tablecloths of different colors in crates that are transported to the machine for packaging assorted boxes, which packages them, distributing them automatically in the boxes, so that each pack contains tablecloths in the predetermined number and mix of colors.

These are next generation machines equipped with 4.0 interface with autonomous operator panel for managing recipes and work cycles, which allows interconnection and information exchange with the system and integration with other machinery. Thanks to automation, the possibility of errors is reduced to a minimum, while 4.0 technology exchanges and returns production data to be analyzed for continuous process improvement. Moreover, thanks to remote assistance, the manufacturer’s technical service can investigate and rapidly solve any problems on the machine, acting remotely.


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Our customers in the retail and hospitality sectors choose our private label Made in Italy disposable table linen for its quality, but above all for the range of services we offer


There are many parameters that a customer considers when deciding whether to purchase our private label disposable table linen. One might think that price is a determining factor, but there are others that, taken together, are very important in the choice of a supplier and its products. We are talking about a series of services and certifications that offer the customer a guarantee: from the choice of raw materials to traceability, from planning to customization, from manufacturing processes to high production capacity.

Choices linked to quality and sustainability are increasingly important for the brands that choose us as supplier. In this sense, our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, material certifications and efficient traceability system are a guarantee of safety. Our disposable table linen can be FSC® (FSC-C139999), OK Compost Industrial (EN 13432) and Seedling certified. It can also be produced in recycled and recyclable paper and printed with compostable inks and water based inks with a low environmental impact.

When we present our disposable table linen, which can be made of paper and airlaid, to customers, we explain the different features of texture, strength and use and the different sizes available for each material. We offer advice on choosing between paper tablecloths in rolls, place mats, folded tablecloths and table runners, each available in various sizes, based on sector and intended use. The first stage of planning a private label product like ours includes consultancy on the choice of colors and combinations, prints and patterns, also based on season, and the possibility of creating custom designs, also in combination with the customer’s other products, such as plates, napkins, etc.

Another essential choice concerns packaging, which includes assorted boxes, ready-to-sell boxes, multipacks and individual euro-hole packages for the folded tablecloths, and labels, which are designed to the customer’s specifications. After the planning stage, the final product is then produced using state-of-the-art machinery, which allows automated planning of production and packaging of the disposable table linen. The high production capacity enables us to execute orders rapidly and efficiently, to ensure compliance with delivery dates. Last but not least, we guarantee assistance with our customer service.


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The colors of the disposable table linen to display in stores or in catering spaces are essential for the success of sales: here is our advice on the trends for fall/winter 2022-2023


We all know how colors can influence our deepest emotions and act subconsciously on our purchase decisions: we discussed this subject in depth in our article dedicated to Color of the Year. It is essential to take great care over the choice of colors of the disposable table linen to be displayed in stores or used in catering spaces. Among the factors to be considered are seasonality and current trends, which are not always easy to grasp. This is why we have put together the color trends to choose for fall/winter 2022-2023.

Pink, and particularly fuchsia, is one of the must-have colors for this fall/winter: we have seen it in thousands of variations at designer fashion shows, in accessories and in interior design. A color that expresses a strong vitality and love of life, essential to cheer up the imminent season with a pinch of the spirit of summer. Combined with brown, which calls to mind the colors of fall, woods, mushrooms and chestnuts, fuchsia is an elegant choice even for those who are not overly fond of vivid colors. For a truly original palette, we suggest combining deep yellow with fuchsia and brown: this reference to the cheerfulness of a field of corn will bring a warm and luminous note to the shortening days.

The colors in vogue also include more classic tones, such as green, calming and reassuring, and red, pure energy, which will accompany us throughout winter, reaching its maximum splendor during the Christmas festivities, preferably combined with gold and white for a truly effective color combination on the festive table. For a sophisticated and chic atmosphere, we recommend instead combining gold and silver with black: our water-based inks, with low environmental impact, give the gold and silver colors of our table linen incredible luster. The enigmatic minimalism of black will enhance the contrast with the metallic and festive colors, creating a truly elegant chromatic balance.

Our customers appreciate our products for their quality and Italian creativity, but above all our advice on the choice and combination of colors, as we have explained in this article.


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Preview of our Christmas Collection 2022: classic patterns and brand new combinations for original disposable table linen with a Christmas theme


Here we are, ready to present our Christmas Collection 2022. It is once again time to start thinking about ordering disposable table linen for the festive season, as our customers in the retail sector are well aware. It is essential to take account of the activities required to personalize the table linen and to calculate production times: our private label Made in Italy products are created to the customer’s specifications.

Our Christmas Collection 2022 comprises paper and airlaid disposable table linen lines: classic tablecloths in rolls, folded tablecloths and table runners. All products are available in the Christmas version with proposals that originally combine traditional patterns and color combinations, in line with the latest trends. Our creative team has developed color schemes that play on the classic shades of green and red, with precious inserts in metallic lusters, such as gold and silver, which, combined with white and pastel shades such as light blue, create an effect of sophisticated elegance. For the designs we have chosen original and festive patterns, reworking the geometries of snowflakes, ice crystals, stars, bows, bells and petals of Christmas plants like the poinsettia. A mix of classic and modern for tablecloths that stand out on the festive table.

A Christmas collection capable of satisfying the expectations of those who appreciate traditional colors and decorations, but with an added touch of Italian elegance and creativity. We can also produce disposable table linen to the customer’s design, to match existing napkins, plates and glasses. All with our characteristic attention to the sustainability: on request, our products can be FSC® (FSC-C139999) certified and for printing we use water based inks that ensure excellent luster, even with metallic colors, and low environmental impact. Our airlaid table linen can also be OK Compost INDUSTRIAL certified to be disposed of in the organic waste collection; in this case, to avoid compromising their compostability, we use compostable water based inks for printing.


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The Spring Summer 2022 colors proposed in our private label disposable table linen derive from careful research into the latest trends


Spring Summer 2022 marks a return to normality with an explosion of delicate, bright and joyful colors! Creatives use colors to express the suggestions of the times we are living through; this was also seen in the proposals presented at the Milan Furniture Fair and at the Milan Design Week 2022. After all, we know that the search of happiness can also include the use of color, which can provide a boost of positive energy during time spent at the table. For this reason we have developed original and trendy color proposals for our paper and airlaid tablecloths.

The Spring Summer 2022 color palettes in the fashion and design sector range from neutral shades, in which nuances of nude and powder pink prevail, to bold colors, passing through pastel hues. Spring and the reawakening of nature have rescued us from drabness with soft colors and floral shades in pastel hues of pink, yellow, tiffany blue and periwinkle. However, there is now the desire for bold colors and combinations, such as orange, bright green and candy pink. Finally, summer brings with it the warm and strong colors of nature, such as sunny yellow to mix with turquoise blue.

Choosing the colors for disposable table linen and combinations requires skill and knowledge of the latest trends. This is why we offer our customers a consultancy service on the choice of shades and color palettes. In the hospitality sector, we can propose different colors and sizes of tablecloths to create original place settings, for example, by pairing a folded tablecloth with a table runner or tablecloths in rolls with place mats. In the retail sector, thanks to their practical display boxes with assorted colors, the mixes of tablecloths in rolls to display in the store are greatly appreciated.


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All the personalizations of our private label disposable table linen for the retail sector: sizes, designs, labels and packaging


As manufacturers of private label disposable table linen, our customers include numerous distributors in the retail sector and important large scale distribution brands from nineteen European countries. What lies behind the secret of our success? We do not merely affix the customer’s brand to our table linen, but develop custom product lines with personalized solutions that range from sizes and designs, from labels to packaging. Moreover, our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, raw material certifications and the efficient traceability system are a guarantee of safety for our customers.

The products in most demand by the retail sector include conventional paper and airlaid tablecloths in rolls. Our assorted box allow different colors of tablecloths in rolls to be displayed in small spaces, with the further advantage of managing a single product reference. The havana or white box can be assorted choosing from a range of twenty-five colors, and is supplied pre-cut for handy opening and display in shops.

There is a great demand for white, colored and printed folded airlaid tablecloths. Standard formats include the conventional sizes 120x180 cm or 120x240 cm, while other sizes are available on request, including tablecloths with a width of 140 cm. The tablecloths are folded and packed individually in euro-hole bags, ideal for hanging in the retail space, or in handy display boxes.

Our creative staff can personalize the sizes, designs, labels and packaging of our table linen. Moreover, they develop sets with custom decorations and prints for customers wishing to match them with their own disposable tableware and napkins. The packaging is made to measure to show off the branded product and facilitate its display in the retail space. We pay the utmost attention to respect for the environment, and for this reason use more sustainable materials and production processes. Our disposable tablecloths are biodegradable and recyclable and, on request, can be supplied compostable.


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Disposable table linen is the most practical and hygienic choice for the catering industry, but also a choice of style, thanks to our range of formats, colors and decorations, all customizable


The use of disposable tablecloths has been popular for some time now in the Hospitality Sector, because disposable table linen guarantees hygiene, allows tables to be prepared quickly and cuts laundry costs. With our range of formats, colors and decorations, all customizable, you can add a touch of style and originality to the atmosphere. Moreover, the versatility of the various formats allows tables to be prepared in a different ways for different meals, occasions and seasons, easily adapting them to the current situation. Made of damask or embossed paper, or of elegant and resistant airlaid, our table linen is perfect for the catering industry, bars and restaurants. The only limit is your imagination.

The formats preferred by the catering industry, due to their ease of use and convenience, include our traditional tablecloths in rolls, made of damask or embossed paper, or airlaid, with lengths from 20 to 100 m and height of either 100 cm or 120 cm. Our extremely practical disposable place mats, made of embossed paper and measuring 30x40 cm, are a classic for the Hospitality Sector and allow infinite combinations of color. Our airlaid folded tablecloths are another very popular format, available in functional multipacks in the classic square format, measuring 100x100, 120x120 or 140x140 cm. Airlaid table runners, positioned in the center of the table or tête-à-tête, are perfect for creating an elegant and modern atmosphere. They are available in heights of 40 or 50 cm in pre-cut rolls, which allows them also to be used as place mats. Very convenient!

Our table linen comes in a range of 25 colors with a wide choice of patterns and designs and with a great many possibilities of customization. Our creative team is continually designing new proposals, in line with current trends, and is at the customer’s side in the choice of color combinations and product customization. Our Quality System, which allows material and production process traceability, is a guarantee of safety for our customers. Our choices of raw materials and processes are proof of our attention to environmental sustainability: we are able to produce disposable airlaid and paper tablecloths that are certified biodegradable and compostable.